Thursday, July 21, 2011

A few Random Things

I've had a few bad days with a terrible eye infection that I was told could potentially make me legally blind! When I saw the specialist yesterday he gave me 24 hours for it to improve or I'd be off to Sydney Eye Hospital for 5 days of intensive treatment which I have to say I was not at all looking forward to! Luckily the last few hours and my eye is starting to feel better. I can only see out of one eye (so you'll have to forgive any typing errors!!), but the bad eye seems to be on the mend. Its amazing how these things happen so suddenly. It was all a bit scary really.Anyway, onto to brighter things now that my mind is not focused on my eye!! LOL!!!

Firstly, over at the Simple Aussie Girls Blog Di has written a post today in relation to a question Ali Edwards posted about how do Aussies/Kiwis print 8.5 x 11 inch digital pages. Basically the answer is that we don't! However, we do print 8x10 and turn it into an 8.5 x 11by adding cardstock and/or patterned paper. Sure it isn't a true digital layout, but still it solves the problem. There are some wonderful examples over on the SAG Blog and I highly recomment checking them out! I went through some of my pages to see if I could find an example, and I have to admit I don't do many like this. Often I'll do a semi digital page (usually a collage to fit in a lot of photos) and then I'll adhere it to a 12x12 rather than an 8.5 x 11. Not sure why, probably because it gives me a bit more space, but after seeing the ones the SAG team came up with, I think I'll be doing it on 8.5x11 from now on! Here is one example of a layout I did with a 8x10 print added to a 12x12 layout.

This layout was about meeting my new nephew and the excitement we all had about it! I've used a strip of patterned paper at the bottom (an old Stampin' Up! Designer Series Paper).

Next up, I wanted to let you know that I have decided to do this...

Ali Edwards always has these great projects and I often want to take part but never get around to it. This one I am determined to do! A week in my life starting next Monday. I am getting prepared now. Next week I will just take notes and photograph and then I will put my album together. However I want to have a plan for my album and things ready to go so that it is an easy process rather than a hard one which would mean I would then not end up completing it as has happened with other projects I've started! So over the next few days I will show you my plans...the album, page layouts etc. I will do a lot of this album in digital format as I think it is quicker and easier for this type of thing. So stay tuned and hold me to my promise that I will finish this! For more info on Week in the Life go here.

Thats it for now. Off to rest my eye - its hard to look at a computer screen with only one eye working and the other one completely blurry!!!

Stay dry and as always thanks for stopping by.


  1. Emma, your eye sounds painful, I hope it is better soon and that it heals without too much trouble!

    WITL is probably the best scrapping project I have ever done - you will love the album once you are finished, it is well worth all of the effort, though, it is not too much work if you go digi.

  2. oh no, Emma hope you are on the mend soon (how does one aquire such a nasty eye infection?!)

    great page, I like that you have used the collage on 12x12

  3. Emma, I really love that layout-I must scraplift it asap! I love your blue blog background too-I would love pp like that!