Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week in the Life...some photos!

Week in the Life...I'm making progress!!! I have finally loaded four days worth of photos onto my computer. Now I'm no Ali, I haven't taken hundreds of photos each day, in fact most of the days so far I've only taken 20-30. My life is busy and I am running around constantly. I don't take my camera with me the whole time so some things just aren't recorded. I'm ok with that though, I've written everything down and when I compile the journalling I will decided what to keep in and what to take out. I'm loving that this project is getting me to look at all the little things of our lives. So below are just a couple of photos from each day.

Love that Scooby loves Ella. He can always be found right next to her!

Monday morning blues...Noah not happy about going to school.

Jacob doing his homework.


Noah loves scaring me with his remote control terrantula (Sp?), gets me everytime!

Now I am the first to hate photos of myself, but I think its an important thing to document. This is the photo before I picked up my glasses and the after - hate the glasses, glad I only have to put up with them for a few weeks!

A beautiful rainbow this morning taken from our back deck.

Scooby the dog, wouldn't be an album about our life without a pic of Scoobs!

This is how Noah sleeps, with everything laid out on his bed...very strange and I would imagine very uncomfortable!! This was just before I woke him up this morning.

Ella just before I woke her this morning.

Making sandwiches for lunch, something I've just recently got them doing themselves!

Doing Ella's hair before school.

John and Noah mucking around - love the looks on both of their faces.

Now I am the first to admit none of these photos are perfectly composed or using the right settings, pretty much all of them have been taken quickly in auto mode. For me this is about the story, not about the perfect photo! If I fiddled around with settings and getting lighting right then I'd miss the moment or I'd be put off because it took too long. So for these, I'm fine with them. I'll play around a little in Photoshop with the ones I decide to include in the album, but apart from that they will be as they come.

I'm looking forward to the last few days and I'm happy I've kept up so far. I'm really looking forward to putting it all together.

So I'll be back with some more photos of the next few days. Would love to know if anyone else is doing WITL and how you are going with it!

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  1. I am envious that yours are self sandwich making Emma! I don't edit much at all for this week, and you should see some of my really dodgy photos ... they are the ones I love though! Your glasses look fine, I hope your eye heals soon :-)

  2. I like your glasses too!
    and what is it with kids and going to bed with a tonne of crap under their pillows? who is going to sneak in and steal it while they sleep?!!!

  3. Great photos Emma. All the photos are important as they are daily life, so keep it up.
    I'm envious of the self sandwich making too.