Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kids Christmas Cards

So this year my kids wanted to make their Christmas Cards for their friends. At first I was really excited about the idea, however hours into it and I was not quite so excited!!! The kids enjoyed it, but 3 kids giving cards to everyone in their class adds up to around 70 cards! Each of my kids wanted to do a different design and they were not keen on me making too many suggestions!!! So I had to go with the flow and offer advice where I could and keep my mouth shut about crooked pieces stuck to cards!

So the first card was by my 8 year old son, Jacob. He actually saw me looking at this reindeer on a website and he wanted to make it for the front of his cards. It is very cute and he was so proud of his cards. It is easy to make, although when you are doing 25 of them, it is quite fiddly!

It is made using the Owl punch and the leaves from the Bird Punch. I really liked how it turned out and apart from me helping with the eyelids (those pieces were so tiny!) and cutting the square, Jacob did it himself.

Next up was my 8 year old daughter, Ella. She and her friends love crafting so she was keen to impress them! Ella is a complete animal lover so of course she was going to pick to do a rudolf. However, she wanted a cutesy Rudolf rather than the Rudolf Jacob did above. So this is what we came up with.

This deer is from the Forest Friends Stamp Set and we just added a red brad for the nose. Of course, what 8 year old girl wouldn't want a bit of bling, so their is the Rhinestone Jewel next to the Merry Christmas. Ella was also very proud of her cards and her friends liked them too!

Now to the trickiest one, my 5 year old son Noah. He is very stubborn and really didn't want to listen to my suggestions. He was adament he was using the Make a Monster Stamp Set! So after a lot of coaxing, I talked him into this...

And funnily enough, I actually liked this card when it was done. Combining the monster with the tree actually worked quite well! I helped a bit more with Noah's, although he still did a lot himself.

So even though it was a long process, we got there in the end and the kids were all happy with what they made. I love that they knew what they wanted to do and stuck with it. It makes the cards a lot more personal.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by. I hope you are surviving all the last minute Christmas preparations...only a few days to go and it will all be over for another year. Even though it is busy, I really do love Christmas time!

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