Sunday, October 10, 2010

Favourites FOUR

Welcome to day Four of my favourites. Today I have something that is very new to Stampin' Up! and it will help everyone out with the projects whether they are cards, scrapbook pages or anything that uses colour.

It is the Colour Coach.

This is such a handy tool to have. It starts off with cards containing all the principal's of colour. It has the colour wheel as well which is always handy to have close by. Then there is a card for every Stampin' Up! colour. On the reverse of the colour cards are the colour scheme's.

 Every card gives you two different colour scheme's and believe me, some of the scheme's you would not have thought to put together, but they really work. It is such a handy tool and makes life easy when you can't work out what colour should go with what. It also helps with choosing what cardstock to purchase. All in all this is such a handy tool to have...even if you don't use Stampin' Up cardstock, the colours and colour scheme's will still help you pick colours for you layouts or cards.

The Colour coach is on page 117 of the catalogue. Item # 121620 $28.95.

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  1. I agree what a fantastic tool. You have been posting some fabulous projects and inspired me to get out my stuff and start creating! thanks

  2. Definitely a very handy tool to have, especially for indecisive people such as myself!

  3. I agree with Kelly, you have inspired me to get into some creative colours and projects. Thanks for your posts :)

  4. Yes a very handy tool to have - I'm hoping Mandy buys this one so I can borrow it!