Thursday, October 7, 2010

Favourites ONE

Welcome to the first item in My Favourite things from the 2010-2011.  I was planning on doing the items in some sort of ranking i.e. 1 being my absolute favourite, however, I just couldn't rank them. So it is just my favourite 10 things in no particular order!! In saying that, this first item would have to be definitely up there as my absolute favourite!  The very cool Two Step Owl Punch....

There is just so much you can do with this punch. the little owl is just so, so adorable! The punch gives you all the little pieces needed to make up the owl - even the cute little heart. The punch is the new punch design which is a lot more streamlined and takes up a lot less room to store. I also find the new punch design easier to actually punch.  There are many uses for the little owl...the most obvious being on cards. I've also used it as a topper for my giant paperclip bookmarks. Other ideas are for magnets, gift tags, to decorate book covers and the list goes on!

The Two Step Owl Punch is on page 149 of the catalogue, item #118074 for $33.95. 

See you tomorrow for Favourite Two!


  1. Love the owl Emma it definitely is way too cute! Another thing to add to my wish list!

  2. Kate & Catherine WakefieldOctober 9, 2010 at 7:32 PM

    Hi Emma

    We love this little guy but he was out of stock when we went to buy him last month - will have to put him on our Christmas list!

  3. great card. love the owl :) me and mum have just ordered him.

  4. No wonder this is favourite number one. That is just the cutest punch ever!! I LOVE it!! I'll be putting that on a wish list for sure. Your card is really cute and perfect colours.

  5. This has to be at least the fifth item that I have seen you use this cute owl and all very different. I agree with everyone it is really just soooo cute a definite must have! And brilliant use of colours!